arivis SIS Converter

The free software arivis SIS Converter can queue several import tasks for you.
It allows unattended batch conversion of all supported file formats into the SIS format for fast and interactive exploration of your images with arivis Vision4D (version 2.12.x).


  • Drag and drop your files into the arivis Importer, and to queue your import jobs
  • Additional files can be added during the conversion process
  • Each conversion runs as a separate process
  • You can pause the process and resume any time
  • It runs independently from your main license on any MS Windows computer
  • The arivis SIS Converter will convert formats for you and save the finished sis.files to the defined locations



Get informed about our PRO version including watchdog functionality!

With watchdog functionality! Start your overnight image acquisition, and let arivis prepare your data for immediate visualization as soon as your experiment has completed.