arivis Vision4D

arivis Vision4D is a modular software for working with multi-channel 2D, 3D and 4D images of almost unlimited size independent of available RAM. Many imaging systems, such as high speed confocal, Light Sheet/ SPIM and 2 Photon systems, can produce a huge amount of multi-channel data, which arivis Vision4D handles without constraints.

“arivis allowed us to dynamically interact with and visualize large datasets (e.g., > 1 TB) without a problem.”

Kevin Dean, Ph.D., Department of Cell Biology, UT Southwestern Medical Center


© Courtesy of M. Paoli, Galizia Lab, University of Konstanz, Germany, Image acquisition with ZEISS LSM with Airyscan
Image Details: The brain, thoracic and abdominal ganglia of the cockroach are joined together by bilateral connective bundles of ascending and descending interneurons forming the ventral nerve cord. In this preparation, left and right connectives were individually labelled (Alexa 488: green, Alexa 647: magenta) posteriorly to the suboesophageal ganglion to observe the extension of their innervation within the different neurophils, and throughout the ipsi- and contralateral parts of the brain (DNA labelled with DAPI: cyan). Imaging was performed using Tiling and Stitching to capture the complete volume (3×2.3× 0.26 mm). 3D animation of the complete dataset was done with arivis Vision 4D, ideal for rendering and analyzing large datasets. The 4D viewer in arivis Vision 4D can be configured to adjust the appearance of individual channels independently to highlight specific features.

arivis Vision4D main functionality

  • Easy import of most image formats from microscopes as well as biological formats
  • High performance interactive 3D / 4D rendering on standard PCs and laptops with 3D Graphics Support
  • Intuitive tools for stitching and alignment to create large multi-dimensional image stacks
  • Immediate 2D, 3D and 4D visualization, annotation and analysis regardless of image size
  • Data preprocessing with the integrated arivis Data Transformation Gallery
  • Intelligent Object Drawing Tools allowing to paint and erase segments with automatic interpolation between planes
  • Magic Wand for easy semi-automatic creation of objects  in 2D and 3D mode
  • Powerful Analysis Pipeline for 3D /4D image analysis (cell segmentation, tracking, annotation, quantitative measurement and statistics, etc)
  • Semi-automatic/manual segmentation and tracking with interactive Track Editor
  • Easy design and export of 3D / 4D High Resolution Movies
  • Seamless integration of custom workflows via Matlab API and Python scripting
  • Data sharing for collaboration
  • A user friendly software, easy to learn and use for any life scientist


"arivis has made the tedious task of prepping whole brain datasets for future analysis bearable, and dare I say, even enjoyable. Being able to see complete renders, without long load times, has been a real game changer and significantly improved our pipeline."

Sam Golden, Ph.D., Department of Biological Structure, University of Washington

arivis Storyboard

With the arivis Storyboard High Resolution Movies can be created easily to produce impressive sequences in 3D or 3D time series. Views, render modes and specific time points as well as the use of clipping planes or varying opacities of individual channels can be stored as key frames. arivis Vision4D automatically interpolates between these key frames to produce a seamless animation. These animations can be previewed and edited prior to producing high resolution video renderings.


Image Courtesy: Chris Zugates’ interdisciplinary project team (Fly Light) at Janelia Research Campus




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arivis SIS Converter Pro

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