Magic Wand

Create your own segments manually with just a few clicks

Especially in some images such as Electron Microscopy or CT images as well as densely packed fluorescent samples it may be necessary to create segments manually for further analysis or visualization. It may be useful to clip the content of an arbitrarily shaped ROI or object or vice versa.

Here Vision4D offers excellent easy to use and efficient object creation tools for microscopy datasets

  1. Manual creation of objects by drawing a polyline around an object on a 2D every slices or just a few using interpolation in-between. This can be done consecutively with only a few clicks and even using a graphic tablet to form an accurate 3D object for further analysis » View Tutorial
  2. Semi-automatic creation of new segmented objects by clicking into 3D space while positioning an adjustable bounding box to perform a local automatic segmentation. » View Tutorial

Undo – no problem
In any step of this manual or semi-automatic object creation process as well as in any other function in arivis Vision4D undo is always available and allows you to step back one or several steps. This offers relaxed working with the tools without any constraints   
3D Objects can also be reverted into 2D Polylines and refined by nudging, adding, deleting voxels easily with a paint brush .Once complete the polylines are then converted back to a segment