Use Cases


Use Case Membrane-based segmentation

Define cell boundaries with Membrane-based Segmentation » weiter

Use Case Colocalization

Find relationships between objects, in a one to any relationship » weiter

Use Case Customizable Magic Wand

Create, edit, and build up segmentation objects with a customizable Magic Wand » weiter

Use Case Color Settings

Fast and easy setting of intensities for single or several channels at the same time » weiter

Use Case Tracking

Select tracked segments in conjunction with charts » weiter

Use Case Blob Finder

Ideal for segmenting cells or any other type of rounded cell organelles in a noisy image » weiter

Use Case Visualization in charts and 4D Viewer

The new Chart in Object Table allows users to graph one or two features from either all or selected objects in the table » weiter

Image analysis workflow for mining EM images

Web-based collaboration and local processing enables rigorous GABA-post-embedding immunogold quantification » weiter

Identify objects in electron microscopy images...

Challenge Identifying objects in images acquired by electron microscopy (EM) can be challenging. Since contrast and i... » weiter