Data Pre-Processing

Transformation Gallery

The Data Transformation Gallery is a powerful suite of tools to interactively apply transformations to a selected cuboid region of your image data. These transformations include cropping, resampling, flipping, swapping dimensions, rotations, change of bit depth and channel shift and can be combined in a single step. 

arivis Vision4D: Data Transformation

Drift correction

Image drift is a common problem in live cell imaging, where samples can grow or move away from the imaging systems center of field of view. Correcting this drift can be beneficial both in terms of removing a secondary movement vector from tracking data and in terms of aesthetics when it comes to presenting results. arivis Vision4D now includes drift correction as part of the new set of tools and features that make up the Data Transformation Gallery. Drift correction in arivis Vision4D is done through the use of tracking of reference features to establish the overall movement of the image. This tracking information is then used to adjust the stack movement to create a stable image.

arivis Vision4D:Drift correction image and tool

Bleach correction

Photobleaching is another common issue during live cell imaging, where fluorescence signal is reduced over time by the photochemical destruction of the fluorophore. The resulting fading of the fluorescence signal can be a problem for pure visualization when quantitative analysis is done. For any type of image quantitation, it is important to correct for photobleaching, because it can skew your quantitative data and may give you false results. Our intuitive Bleach Correction can automatically compensate for a decay of fluorescence due to photobleaching and can be setup interactively under full visual control.

arivis Vision4D: Bleach correction