4D Viewer

Visualization in the 4D Viewer

The 4D Viewer visualizes large-scale (multi-channel and multi-dimensional, up to some Terabyte) 3D/4D image stacks and surface data with an unlimited number of planes and time points.

Segmentation of tangled neurons in the fly brain, masked manually with arivis VisionVR and then shown by Clipping-on-Objects in Vision4D, Image Courtesy: Eric Betzig, Janelia Research Campus, Yoshinori Aso, Janelia Research Campus, Rui Gao (MIT), arivis AG, Chris Zugates, Source: expansion microscopy (ExM) and Lattice Light Sheet (LLS)


Extremely large 3D and 4D image data can be rendered and visualized very fast and interactively even on standard PCs and laptops with 3D graphics support. With the 4D Viewer we provide a fast, responsive and easy-to-use solution to visualize your data as well as any additional information like annotations in an intuitive way. When switching to the 4D Viewer, a 3D volume for the current time frame will be created. This usually takes less than a second (arivis ImageCore technology). 

The 4D Viewer offers a vast selection of helpful tools and functionality for navigation, clipping and presentation. Create and Export High Resolution Renderings of 3D volumes, offering up to 4K image resolution and the option of visualizing your data in its native resolution.


"arivis has made the tedious task of prepping whole brain datasets for future analysis bearable, and dare I say, even enjoyable. Being able to see complete renders, without long load times, has been a real game changer and significantly improved our pipeline."

Sam Golden, Ph.D., Department of Biological Structure, University of Washington


Image Courtesy: vDISCO technology, Ertürk lab, Institute for Stroke and Demnetia Research, Klinikum der Universität München,  Munich, Germany

Image Courtesy: vDISCO technology, Ertürk lab

Image Courtesy: vDISCO technology, Ertürk lab


  • Fast and interactive 3D/4D Volume Rendering of data sets of nearly unlimited size
  • Visualize data sets also as Maximum Intensity Projection (MIP)
  • Interactive "fly through" mode to visualize volumes from the inside
  • Rotate & zoom in and out in real-time
  • Time: Rotate and fly through volumes in 3D in real-time when play interactive movies over time
  • Time: Movie Player to browse through the time domain and jump quickly to different time points
  • Create and export complex movie sequences in 3D/4D with the keyframe-based Storyboard
  • Use Keyframe sequence templates
  • Live Preview of the resulting movie 
  • Movie export with different resolutions (optional high resolution rendering) and movie-codecs (e.g. AVI, MP4)
  • Export of 360° videos from the Storyboard
  • Create and Export High Resolution Renderings of 3D volumes, offering up to 4K image resolution and the option of visualizing your data in its native resolution
  • Create 360° panoramic images in the High Resolution Dialog
  • Enable different Stereoscopic rendering modes to experience data in full depth using the 4D Lighting and Projection Palette
  • Create, restore and share viewer setups using Bookmarks
  • Interactive and intuitive channel color mapping and threshold curve to define complex intensity visibility and opacity setups
  • Change the visualization settings for each channel individually using the 4D Channel Settings Palette
  • Apply special color preset for rendering
  • Clip on any of the three provided Sectional Planes by using either the Selection Tool or the more advanced 4D Clipping Palette
  • 4D Clipping Palette provides access to settings for the Sectional Planes, Annotations Clipping and Region of Interest (ROI)
  • Use Clipping Planes to cut away objects from one side of the plane and to get a view inside the volume
  • Create geometry objects by isosurface extraction from channel data or annotations (independent from the Analysis Pipeline)
  • Ability to add, remove, import (.obj-files) and export geometry
  • Visualize and export analysis results like segments and tracks created by the comprehensive Analysis Pipeline
  • Visualize annotations as well as tracks and specify the visualization options for annotations (shown as centroids or full HQ surfaces)
  • Measure Box & Orientation Cross
  • Automatically adjusted quality setup to improve interactivity even on low end hardware
arivis Vision4D: extract geometry objects
Create geometry objects by isosurface extraction
arivis Vision4D: 4D Viewer main features
Visualize and clip on any of the three provided Sectional Planes
arivis Vision4D: Bookmarks
Create, restore and share viewer setups using Bookmarks


Bookmarks help you to record interesting visualization views of your data and to share them with other people viewing the same data. They capture the current scene settings (e.g. render mode and view properties) and save them for later use.
Bookmarks are stored in the metadata of the document and can be shared by exporting them to a proprietary file format (*.bookmarks). 


The storyboard is used to create a movie from your data as seen in the 4D Viewer. You can generate multiple keyframes and export these keyframes with a smooth transition from one to the next as a movie. This transition can contain camera movements or rotations, different time points from your data set, changes in the channel opacity or position and orientation of slices. You can further customize the transition from one keyframe to the next by changing the transition length or animation type for individual properties.

arivis Storyboard Vision4D Imaging Software

360° Movies

360° Movies are a great way to share your visualization results with colleagues that do not own specialized rendering software. A lot of playback programs support 360° movies and platforms like youtube make sharing easy. Creating a 360° movie in arivis Vision4D is as simple as clicking the corresponding tab in the dropdown menu.

Depending on your video playback program, you might have to process the metadata of your 360° video after it has finished rendering. Download the Spatial Media Metadata Injector and follow the instructions at the download site to easily prepare your video for 360° viewing. After processing your video, you should be able to view your video in most 360° video playback programs.

360° Panoramic Image Export

Our high resolution export tab now supports 360° panoramic images to enable you for even more ways to share your 4D visualization results.

360° Panorama Image Export arivis share 3D data volume data panorama