Product Packages

arivis Vision4D provides smart handling of multi-dimensional data sets of almost any size together with fast and interactive 3D/4D rendering and visualization even on standard desktops and laptops with 3D graphics support. Tools for image import and handling, fast 2D/3D and 4D visualization, measurement, annotation and presentation are in the Visualization Plus Package and effective on images up to several TB.


arivis Vision4D allows fast and easy analysis of 3D / 4D data sets. The iterative approach of arivis Vision4D allows to apply image processing filters & segmentations to a small ROI, a subset or the complete data set. The effect of all operations and analysis steps can be reviewed immediately on the fly.



The Batch Analysis Module is used for unattended execution of a pre-configured arivis Analysis Pipeline on a series of images, on multiple documents, scopes, or regions. No programming skills are needed. 


The new arivis Volume Fusion Module overcomes these limitations and allows to fuse volumes based on landmarks and/or the free movement, rotation and scaling of a surface representation

Neuronal connectome of a whole adult mouse revealed by vDISCO technology

Image Courtesy: vDisco technology, Ertürk Lab, Institute for Stroke and Dementia Research, Klinikum der Universität München, Munich, Germany