arivis InViewR 3.1 - Track virtually everything

arivis InViewR 3.1.0

arivis InViewR 3.1 brings major updates to VR Segmentation Tools and interactivity. With the new Tracking Module, users can manually track movements of objects in 3D time series images. With a sleek new user interface, we streamline VR image workflows to get users even faster from image to result. arivis InViewR 3.1 also updates its object model, providing full interactivity with arivis Vision4D. Now, all image analysis procedures done in arivis Vision4D can be proofread and edited - or even performed - in VR, too.

Top Features:

New manual tracking functionalities to create tracks from scratch

Import, proofread and edit automatically created tracking data

Faster, more robust manual and semi-automatic segmentation tools

New, improved User Interface to streamline VR analysis

Fast, smooth replay of time series datasets

Full integration with arivis Vision4D

VR Tracking Capability

With Version 3.1.0, we introduce a new module to track 3D objects in time series images. With our tracking options, you are able to manually track from scratch, without the need to create segments. Just load your dataset into arivis InViewR and follow your structures of interest with your hand over time. Of course, you can also interact with tracks that were automatically generated in arivis Vision4D and manually edit them. » more about our tracking capabilities


Improved Sculpting

Sculpting is our tool to manually segment 3D objects in Virtual Reality. Using your hand you can paint along with the structure of your objects of interest. This feature, which is available since Version 2.0 has now gotten a major update, making it faster, easier to use and more flexible. We also included a set of differently shaped brushes to make the segmentation of objects even easier.


Integrated work with arivis Vision4D

arivis InViewR now also supports the new object model that was introduced with arivis Vision4D 3.0. This gives you back full integration of Vision4D with InViewR. Only with arivis and its Exchange Objects with Open Source package, you can now start your image analysis with your preferred analysis tasks of ImageJ or a custom Matlab script and end up displaying the results in Virtual Reality and even edit them there.

Improved semi-automatic segmentation

The very much liked magic wand tool from our previous versions benefits from an update in arivis InViewR 3.1. Besides a more reliable segmentation algorithm, it is now also possible to adjust the segmentation result prior to placing an object.



New User Interface

We streamlined our user interface. Now, all your controls about tools are accommodated in one menu. With this and the option to quickly switch tools by pressing one button, working with your images in Virtual Reality has become faster than ever, giving you less hands-on time. We also now support a left handed mode for left handed users. (» or dive into your own data sets)