arivis Vision4D 3.2 Release


We proudly announce arivis Vision4D 3.2! With its new clean Pipeline user interface, you now have a good overview of your Analysis Pipeline at any time. Paired with improvements to existing operators and the addition of new operators like our Seeded Region Growing Operator, you now have all tools at hand to segment any object of any shape and to scale your analysis for batch operation, such as high content analysis tasks of spheroids, organoids or other 3D quantification used in translational medicine.

Images of cells obtained from R. Yokel, Pharmaceutical Sciences, University of Kentucky
arivis Vision4D Machine Learning

We have included a new set of pipelines for common analysis tasks and detailed descriptions to offer an easy start in 3D image analysis.

Vision4D 3.2 includes:  

  • Machine Learning based on several channels & import of ilastik ilp files
  • Analysis Pipeline 
    - Improved Pipeline UI for better overview
    - Watershed operation for segmentation of any shaped objects
    - Seeded Segmentation and Region Growing
    - Distance map and faster distance measurements
    - Improvements in object hierarchy and results handling
    - Group by features or measurement values
  • Scalable Batch Analysis using the arivis Image Hub
  • New and updated sample pipelines
  • More pre-installed support material