arivis Vision4D 3.3 Release

We proudly announce arivis Vision4D 3.3!

With its new static or dynamically adjusting Scale bar in the 4D Viewer, the customer has full control over size, format, and color for both interactive and high-resolution rendering.

Exploring dense image volumes from CT, XRM, 3D EM, and serial histology often require either slice-by-slice examination or careful tuning of 3D renderer settings. We introduce a new rendering mode that gives you X-ray vision in a single click. Transparency Mode is ideal for investigating very dense images efficiently, and in creative hands adds cinematic quality to many kinds of high-resolution stills and movies. This Transparency Mode is also compatible with the ZEISS ZEN Bridge in the upcoming ZEN Blue 3.2 release.

To see how the new Transparency Mode with the Scale bar works, watch these videos.