arivis VisionVR 3.2

arivis VisionVR 3.2

arivis is excited to announce the rebranding of its Virtual Reality solution: arivis VisionVR.
The new VisionVR 3.2 enables users to experience their 3D and 4D images in an immersive environment together and work collaboratively on the same dataset. This update also includes the fusion of two 3D volumes using VR based on interactive surface transform and a Detail View Tool.



Top Features:

  • Collaboration
    • Share presentation of 3D images with own VR toolset
    • Join a session with up to 30 interacting users in VR space
    • Use presenter tools in collaborative sessions
      • Pointer
      • Highlighter
      • Clipping
      • ROI
    • Easy change of presenter during session
    • Voice-Chat with positional audio or any web meeting services, like
      • Microsoft Teams
      • Skype
      • GoToMeeting
      • Cisco Webex
      • and many more
    • Easy, custom defined access of the data set to be viewed
    • Interactive participation without VR hardware also possible
    • Easy session-management
    • Kiosk mode for showrooms and demo labs
  • Detail View Tool
    • Allows loading of arbitrary ROIs in native resolution
  • Registration Tool for fusion of two 3D volumes using VR based on interactive surface transform
  • High-res image export with 360° support (compatible with Facebook, Twitter and other social networks)

Further improvements:

  • Surfaces
    • Better OBJ import
    • Enhanced table in main menu (show features, allow surface selection)
    • Explore tool supports surfaces (shows label and allows selection)
  • Bookmark overview page and restore in VR space
  • Live coloring of objects
  • Update notification for users under maintenance
  • Help: now with PDF manual, improved content in desktop and VR help
  • Fully compatible with arivis Vision4D 3.2
  • Support for Oculus Quest (via Oculus Link technology)