arivis VisionVR - Meet colleagues virtually

Share the thrill of VR image exploration

Experience VR rendering of 3D image data with multiple people:
  • Collaborative Review
  • Remote Presentation
  • VR Classroom
  • VR Showroom
  • VR Lab

arivis VisionVR Collaboration

Virtual meetings enable joint scientific discoveries and shared educational experiences

Adventure inside image volumes and results in arivis VisionVR. The new collaboration module enables users to experience their 3D and 4D images in an immersive environment together and work collaboratively with colleagues around the world on the same dataset to explore data.



This immersive environment is fully interactive can be used from remote locations as if everyone would be in the same (virtual) room acting naturally in 3D space. You can reach into images, turn and clip them.

You can highlight certain features of interest to draw the attention of the other attendees in 3D or you can use a Laser pointer for even more interactive sessions in VR. Also results from image analysis workflows can be presented and discussed in a team to get deeper insights in complex image analysis topics.


Notable arivis VisionVR Collaboration Capabilities:

Movement, scaling and clipping of data volumes occur in real time 

See each other’s position, view direction, and hand movement

Collaborators can highlight dataset features for each other (CONTACT US)