Rendering & Visualization
of multi-terabyte image data

arivis Vision4D provides smart handling of multi-dimensional data sets of almost any size together with fast and interactive 3D/4D rendering and visualization even on standard desktops and laptops with 3D graphics support. Tools for image import and handling, data pre-processing, fast 2D/3D and 4D visualization, measurement, annotation and presentation are in the 4D Base Package and effective on images up to several TB.

Neuronal connectome of a whole adult mouse revealed by vDISCO technology

Image Courtesy: vDisco technology, Ertürk Lab



arivis Vision4D offers excellent,
easy to use and efficient object creation tools

Import & Data Handling

  • Easy drag & drop import of multi-dimensional and multi-channel data sets
  • Data sets up to 6 dimensions (x, y, z, time, spectral channels, scopes)
  • Color depth: 8 bit, 16 bit, 32 bit float
  • Media reader for a variety of biological data formats included
  • Stitching & Alignment with the Tile Sorter
  • Restore Point Manager, Audit Trail
  • Reliable Undo / Redo
  • Multiple Undos: Both the manual and automatic segmentation workflows include multiple undos for peace of mind and ease of use. Correcting segmentations is also easily done through the use of the brush tool to manually adjust the outline of the object with a simple validation to confirm changes.
  • free arivis SIS Converter for unattended batch conversion into the SIS format
  • arivis SIS Converter PRO: Automatically convert every 3D / 4D image data set into the arivis SIS format 


  • Specialized viewers for 2D or 3D/4D image data
  • Quick navigation: drag & pan, scroll, flip through frame/plane, smooth zoom
  • Fast and interactive 3D/4D rendering
  • Interactive “fly-through” mode that enables exploration inside the image
  • Combination of multiple Clipping Planes at different angles and time points
  • 4D Surfaces: create, export & import 4D objects based on Intensity threshold
  • Gallery Viewer
  • 4D Bookmarks: record, save, restore and share interesting views and scene settings
  • Info Viewer to view and edit data structure and metadata
  • Split & link multiple different viewers (e.g. 4D Viewer + Projection View)
  • Projection Viewer to calculate and export high resolution projections of 3D or 4D image data
  • Powerful color management system for mapping intensity values to color values (RGB)
  • Interactive Color Curve, custom gradient editor & presets
  • Auto Color Range
  • Color Bar (linear or logarithmic) for a review and fast modification of the color mapping of the individual channels​
  • Lighting and Projection settings including projection and stereoscopic rendering
  • Movie player for running time lapse series in 2D or 3D


Neuronal connectome of a adult mouse arm revealed by vDISCO technology

Image Courtesy: vDisco technology, Ertürk Lab


Mapping the neurons in the brain by vDISCOy

Image Courtesy: vDisco technology, Ertürk Lab
arivis Vision4D: 4D Viewer fly-through mode
arivis Vision4D: extract geometry objects
arivis Vision4D: combination of multiple clipping planes

Data pre-processing

  • Data Transformation Gallery to interactively apply transformations
  • Transformation and resampling of images or regions of interest including: e.g. cropping, flipping, rotation, change of bit depth as well as dimensions 
  • Drift correction to a user-selected reference track for more accurate quantitative analysis of drifting time lapse data 
  • Bleach correction for better visualization and quantification of dynamic time lapse experiments 

Evaluate & Measure

  • 2D and 3D histograms
  • Filter Gallery: quick preview and apply pixel filter for image enhancements
  • Manual creation of objects – Manualy draw around the outlie of the object on multiple planes and the software will interpolate to create a complete 3D object
  • 2D/3D Magic Wand - Semi-automatic creation of new objects based on a simple threshold by clicking on the image in a 2D plane of 3D space 3D space with an adjustable selection box to perform a local automatic segmentation
  • Manual functions to split and/or merge segments in the 4D Viewer
  • Simple Dynamics for calculation of minimum, maximum and average values of ROIs
  • Tools for measuring distances and areas of selected objects or selected ROIs
  • Intensity profile for a precise visualization of intensity values of a channel in 2D and 3D

Presentation & Sharing

  • Export image channel data as TIFF or composed RGB image as TIFF, BMP, JPG, PNG, …
  • Save viewer content as a screenshot or copy selected image regions with flexible zoom
  • Easy design and export of 3D/4D High Resolution Movies to produce complex movie sequences in 3D (or 3D time series) using the StoryBoard at different resolutions and movie-codecs (e.g. AVI, MP4 …)
  • Team collaboration: show large 2D/3D images to your workgroup with the Personal WebView
  • Burn in annotations, time stamp or navigation position (frame/plane/channel) during export
  • Channel split movie export

Automation & Integration

  • Built in Python Scripting
  • Modular system - expandable with plug-ins in every part, free Plug-in SDK!
  • Documented file format (arivis ImageCore), integration software libraries available

Image Courtesy: Dr. Annette Feuchtinger, Helmholtz Zentrum München

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Additional modules for 2D and 3D + time analysis

arivis Vision4D provides with the Analysis Pipeline a robust and fast tool for processing of image data gained from long-term timelapse experiments.

arivis Vision4D Analysis_segment 3d objects over time

The Tracking module allows analysis of the movement of small (i.e. particle tracking) or large objects (e.g. nuclei, cells, organisms) over time. By identifying structures in 3D over time one can see live cell dynamics and quantitatively compare and quantify various parameters in living cells

arivis Vision4D: Analysis Pipeline_join Tracks

The Batch Analysis Module is used for unattended execution of a pre-configured arivis Analysis Pipeline on a series of images, on multiple documents, scopes, or regions. No programming skills are needed. 

arivis Vision4D: Batch Analysis

Enables you to analyze the colocalization of voxel intensities in different channels of your image data and provides interactive visualization in the 2D Viewer.

arivis Vision4D: Colocaliaztion

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