Personal WebView

Team Collaboration

Personal WebView
The Personal WebView has been developed on the basis of the arivis WebView server. 
Share image data with your workgroup within your own network using a common web browser (e.g. Firefox, Chrome, etc.). There is no need for additional installations or plugins. You decide who participates in the virtual conferences by personally passing on the respective link. Use the Personal WebView to evaluate your experiments with your colleagues across spatial distances. Modify the data live using the arivis Vision4D and discuss your ideas immediately with your participating workgroup.
Using the new WebGL technology, we can render interactive 3D data fast and at high quality in a standard web browser.


  • Team collaboration: show large 2D/3D images to your workgroup
  • Fully integrated sharing feature - no separate server needed (integrated in the arivis Vision4D application)
  • No special web browser plugins (like Java or Flash) or other proprietary software needed
  • No need to preprocess or exporting the data for the web
  • Easy sharing and presenting even the largest images directly to your team over local network
  • 3D Volume rendering in a normal web browser using WebGL
  • Discuss your experiments with your workgroup without the need to copy tons of gigabytes
  • Live update: Any modifications are instantly represented in any connected web browser client
  • Live: Remote users can follow the navigation of the user currently sharing the date