Tile Sorter

Stitching & Alignment

Tile Sorter
Various applications require a process named stitching and alignment as a prerequisite step for the visualization of 3D or 4D volumetric files. Here, every plane of the resulting image is combined of a number of tiles acquired separately.
arivis Vision4D is the unique tool for effective stitching and alignment of hundreds to thousands of multiple single files (tiles), which may create volumes of several hundred gigabyte or even terabyte in total file size.
The arivis Tile Sorter allows for a complete interactive adjustment for stitching. 


  • Arrange single and isolated image tiles to a large stitched volume
  • Plane shift for tile stacks
  • Supports source data with tiles organized as scopes
  • Support for manually rotated tiles
  • Manual as well as automatic stitiching and blending
  • Blending between overlapping regions
  • Methods for aligning
  • Grid: Manually define an order and an overlap based on an equally distributed grid
  • Manual: Drag and drop single tiles by hand
  • Alignment: Advanced algorithms will find and align matching tiles
  • Optional maximum Intensity Projection (MIP) mode to improve results
  • Import, review & stitching of TrakEM2 projects
  • Powerful Alignment algorithms and optimizers 
  • Phase Correlation Method (PCM)
  • Normalized Cross Correlation Method (FFT-NCC)
  • Template matching alignment
  • Energy optimizer
  • SVD optimizer

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