Tracking & Lineage

Tracking cells or subcellular particles in microscopic data can be challenging.

The Tracking Module allows analysis of the movement of small (i.e. particle tracking) or large objects (e.g. nuclei, cells, organisms) over time in both 2D or 3D multichannel image sets of any size (100s of GBs or TBs). With arivis Vision4D we offer an easy to use approach with full control and interactivity at all steps. 

The novel software architecture and algorithms delivers top performance on tracking analysis of complex biological data. Combined with our Machine Learning segmentation, tracking and lineage analysis of multidimensional data sets will become an easy task, without the need to be an expert in image analysis. arivis Vision4D allows you to create expert results and meaningful output data for any kind of tracking or lineage data sets. A manual track tool creates a track or branch interactively in the viewer by placing spots (using markers or Magic Wand). Use arivis Virtual Reality software to proofread and correct your automatically created results much more efficiently than ever before.

Fast and reproducible tracking

Several parameters and state-of-the-art algorithms allow fast and reproducible tracking which can be applied also on other data sets:

  • Select for center of mass based on intensity or geometry
  • Max distance, including automatic detection of max distance
  • Motion types: Brownian motion, linear regression and conal angle
  • Options to allow divisions and/or fusions
  • Adjustable weighting with one or more other object features, such as intensity, shape or volume

Track measurements including typical Lineage features

Several (color-coded) measurements within the resulting tracks including typical Lineage features, for example: 

  • Instantaneous, average speed and accelaration
  • Velocity
  • Displacement by time point and overall
  • Number of generations, divisions, successors, branches
  • Generation time
  • Time since last division
  • Further custom measurements may be created easily
  • Color-coded display of any object measurements along a track
  • Gating in scatter plots with interactive viewing in 4D (or vice versa)
  • Adjustable dragon tail (tail & head) and vector display for all or some time points
  • Proof reading, corrections or manual tracking is even more efficient and easy using our Virtual Reality Tracking package
  • Easy proof editing with the new Track Editor suggesting the closest objects to a given track in 2D or 3D

Tracks of cells in a developing fly embryo color-coded by average track speed.
Images courtesy of Celia Smits, Stanislav Y. Shvartsman, Department of Molecular Biology, Princeton University acquired with Luxendo MuVi SPIM