Release SIS Converter Pro 3.1.4

We are happy to announce our newest update to our powerful file converter. arivis SIS Converter Pro adds flexibility to the file conversion process with batch conversion of complete folders even in watchdog conversion mode. With 1-to-1 and X-to-1 conversions, you can now automatically integrate or batch import any file structure into a *.sis file of your liking. Check out the features below and update your arivis SIS Converter Pro today.


All new features of arivis SIS Converter Pro 3.1.4 apply to the import of complete folders. Simply select the folder your microscopy images are saved and start automatic, unattended conversion using one of the following rules.

X-to-1 Conversion Rule

Workflow-SIS Converter Pro 3.1.4


Convert multiple files from within one folder into one *.sis file containing all images as individual image sets. This is especially useful if you created multiple files of one sample and want to keep your data organized.

1-to-1 Conversion Rule

Workflow-SIS Converter Pro 3.1.4


Import individual files into individual *.sis files. This setup will create one *.sis file for each original image and maintains the original folder structure.

Multi-folder import

Workflow-SIS Converter Pro 3.1.4


You can also import the content of several different folders into one *.sis file. This is useful for setups in which the channel output is organized into separate folders. Channels and other dimensions can be detected automatically and unattended conversion of data in the monitored folders can be conducted by our watchdog functionality.